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Weine aus Österreich


Origin: Wachau


Ageing ability: Ready to drink now

Varietel: Grüner Veltliner  100% (typical  Austrian Grape)

Characteristics: The wines are characterized by their unmistakable structure, fruity fresh, a little peppry with a green / yellow colour



Origin: Wachau

Shelf life: ready to drink

Grape variety: Grüner Veltliner 100% (typical Austrian grape)

Organoleptic properties: Medium green yellow, tobacco nuances in the nose, juicy, complex, fine acid structure, mineral, fruity Veltliner with good shelf life


GLEICHENBERG Organic Blaufränkisch Reserve

Origin: Wine region -Burgenland, Horitschon // Austria

Soil: Deep loam soils with a high clay content create the prerequisites for long-lasting red wines

Shelf life: ready to drink 2021-2026

Grape variety: Blaufränkisch 100%

Organoleptic characteristics: ruby red, dark core, fruity nose. More balanced  Taste.


GRAPE SEED OIL – Cold pressed

Grape seed oil has a fine tast of walnuts and marc and is very suitable for marinating salads, but can also be used for cooking.

All agents are preserved by the cool pressing process of the grape seed oil. It contains abundant unsaturated fatty acid such as linoleic acid (up to 78%) which is said to be very healthy.

It is the only oil that contains a remarkable amount of the antioxidant Procyanidin (OPC).

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